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Interstate Move

Interstate Removalists in Townsville and Bundaberg

Moving interstate is not much different to moving around the corner, just more distance involved, naturally.

The process is still very much the same. Your items will need to be wrapped and packed more safely in boxes etc, a little more padding than a local move for instance, to survive the travel on our lovely roads. We suggest using butcher paper, newspaper or bubble wrap to do this. We take extra care when loading for this reason, extra time in the truck, more bumps in the road. Everything is wrapped in padded blankets by us, professionally packed, stacked and strapped in place inside the truck to go the distance safely.

It is good practice to have a moving plan in place for yourselves, something to follow in regards to preparation of boxes and items to be moved, timing of removal truck at pick up and delivery addresses, your travel and accommodation if required, power and telephone disconnection/connection. Don’t leave everything to the last minute.

Label boxes with description of what they contain, and mark “Fragile” if they contain breakables. This allows us to know to take extra precaution when handling and stacking. Mark the box with where you would like the box be placed in the house or office for example “Ben toys, 3rd bedroom” or “Stationary, Reception desk” and we will endeavour to put them where they are required, (unless otherwise instructed).

Allow yourselves plenty of travel time to delivery address so you are as relaxed as possible when the truck arrives for delivery. If you cannot be there to meet the truck, it is a good idea to have someone pre arranged to meet us, open up and maybe direct where things are to be placed. Perhaps a family member or friend could be called on to do this for you.

We are the best Home Furniture Removalists providing Local Removals, Removals and Storage in Bundaberg and Townsville. Call Clarkestone Movers today!

If starting new employment at the new address for example, or moving during your holidays, keep this in mind also when planning your move so that you are unpacked and settled in before you have to start back at work. It can be a big job packing and unpacking your belongings so is good to be able to do it at your own pace without being rushed. You will find the move a lot more enjoyable if you aren’t pushed and stressed.