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Local Moves

Local Home Furniture Removalists in Townsville and Bundaberg

When it comes to moving local within Bundaberg or the Wide Bay Burnett, we can do this usually on an hourly rate basis. The time it takes depends mostly on how much you have to move and also how far from the pick up location to the delivery location.

No two moves are the same, they are all different in many ways, we can offer an estimate of time needed once we have spoken about the items you have or if one of our staff visit for an on site inspection.

The hourly rate we charge includes normally two men and also the truck. When it comes to loading and unloading, you are more than welcome to help by bringing items out to the truck for our guys to load and pack into the truck. Likewise at delivery address you are welcome to take things from the rear of the truck as our guys unload, all your help saves time which in turn saves you money.

Work place health and safety regulations are to be adhered to in this regard however, which is why we would only have you helping outside the truck. If you rather leave it all up to us that is totally up to you. It is good however to have someone available at both points to direct where you would like items to be placed. We aim to put your items as close as possible to the position they would pressumably go for you or again, to save some time and money we can place items in one area like a garage for instance then you can move things around to suit yourself at you own speed.

We are the best Home Furniture Removalists providing Interstate RemovalsRemovals and Storage in Bundaberg and Townsville. Call Clarkestone Movers today!

We are very flexible when it comes to meeting your needs and budget, this is why we allow you to help if you want to, which, at the end of the day, saves you money.