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Removals and Storage Townsville and Bundaberg

Storage options are available on long term or short term plans.

If you are in between house purchases where settlements dont sync and your belongings can no longer be left on vacating premises or, you’ve sold one property and just need time to look around and weigh up future living or working options, then storage is a logical choice. We can provide you with a storage space to suit your needs.

Dry, clean and vermin proof and ranging from small 3m x 2m 15m3 to large 6m x 3m 50m3 at affordable prices. If we are moving you to the area from elsewhere, possibly interstate and you dont have a delivery address for a time, we can deliver to a storage unit for you, you retain the key and then when you are ready to move in, we can uplift and deliver to the new address. If you live local and just need some extra space for your belongings then storage may be your answer.

We are the best Home Furniture Removalists providing Interstate RemovalsRemovals and Storage in Bundaberg and Townsville. Call Clarkestone Movers today!